Here is what a few fabulous Wellness Warriors have to say about Christiane and her Wellness Program:

Maria Z.

“I have suffered from upset stomach and discomfort after having children. Christiane introduced me to essential oils such as dōTERRA DigestZen, Fennel, Ginger and Celery seed. These essential oils all have made a huge difference and I am feeling much better! I love learning from Christiane how to use nature for beauty techniques and to feel healthier.”


Sofie A.

“Since I got introduced to essential oils three years ago, I’ve enjoyed great health and lifestyle benefits! The On Guard line of products has made the biggest impact, from the oil blend that support my immune system to the cleaning products that keeps my home clean.”

Kate M.

“Christiane introduced me to essential oils about 2 months ago. I already love my oils! I enjoy diffusing Serenity blend as I fall asleep to calm me. I would recommend Christiane’s wellness advice to anyone who is working towards a happier body!” 

Grace G.

“I am continuously amazed by what essential oils can do! With Christiane’s guidance, I have been able to use these oils to soothe physical ailments, restore mental clarity, and just feel good about what I am doing for my body! I am so thankful that Christiane introduced me and continues to guide me as the essential oils have been crucial in my wellness journey!”

Pam Z.

“I am so happy that Christiane has familiarized me with essential oils and their uses. Knowing the properties of the oils, I know how to bring the power of nature into the lives of my family, neighbors and friends!”

Steffanee A.

“Nothing feels better than learning different uses for my essential oils … From Skin care to House cleaning, it is a wonderful experience! Thanks Christiane!”

Hannah H.

“Christiane really opened my eyes to wellness! Since using essential oils, I have been surprised about how positively they impacted my daily life. My favorite ways are to add essential oils to water to stay hydrated or to apply them to the body for relaxation before bed.”

Janet T.

“Christiane has helped me re-sculpt my body, build strength, and improve my balance. Her wellness tips about adding more mindfulness and movement to my daily routines have helped me achieve a more healthy lifestyle.”

Carolyn H.

“Christiane helped me to figure out how I could unwind after a long day of work! I especially love the fragrance of lavender- it makes my house smell good and relaxing.”

Josh H.

“I always struggled with asthma and severe seasonal threats and I got used to taking an arsenal of prescription drugs. At the beginning, I was very skeptical about essential oils and their effectiveness. Christiane introduced me to the dōTERRA TriEase capsules- they contain essential oils from Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. I took two TriEase capsules and … Wow! I no longer rely on my prescription medication and I am now an essential oil fan!”

Celine S.

“Even though I am only 12 years old, the past few years have been the best of my life because of the essential oils. My stomach has always been very sensitive and during travel, I suffer from motion sickness. Christiane helped me so much and she knew that the dōTERRA Tamer roller bottle would help me! My tummy is much happier now!”

Summer H.

“I am so grateful that Christiane introduced me to essential oils. At first, did not realize they had so many benefits!  The essential oils have become a complete game changer in my life. Thank you Christiane for finding an easy treatment against my seasonal threats and anxiety!”

Hannah D.

“I’ve always been sensitive to smells, and most perfumes and store-bought essential oils would give me a headache. When Christiane showed me the dōTERRA Lavender oil, I was amazed at how clear and pure the aroma was! I’ve been using Lavender and Frankincense before bed to help me relax as well as reduce skin inflammation. So glad I’ve got these essential oils, thanks Christiane!”

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