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At-Home Aromatherapy

Essential oils are little powerhouses! I fell in love with essential oils through first-hand experience. I always had a sensitive stomach and got used to feeling bloated. Once the stomach pain was there, it would not go away until the next day!

One day, I used a blend of digestive herbs for my stomach cramps. I started to feel better instantly after trying it. That immediate relief felt so different from all of the other medications.

Today, I am a Certified Essential Oil Specialist, and I would love to share my knowledge to help you with your wellness goals.

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils


Aromatherapy is the holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts, also called essential oils, to promote health & wellbeing. Aromatic essential oils improve the health of the body, mind, and soul.

Essential oils  are the essence of plants- taken from roots, bark, flowers, seeds, and other plant parts. They are little natural powerhouses! 


Three Ways to Use Essential Oils


Enjoy the aroma of essential oils by adding them to a diffuser! Some essential oils have cleansing properties and act as decongestants.

Fun tip: I enjoy applying a drop of essential oil to my diffuser bracelet and inhaling it, and wearing the essential oil as a personal fragrance like my “pure-fume.”


Essential oils are little powerhouses when they are applied topically, as they provide amazing soothing and revitalizing benefits!

Essential oils are great to recover from workouts, and I apply them topically for a soothing massage!

To support a youthful appearance of my skin, I add essential oils to my face creams.


dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils are safe for internal use.

Health hack: If you would like to increase your water intake throughout the day, add one to two drops of essential oil to your water! It tastes delicious and naturally flushes out toxins.

Top 10 Essential Oils



Deep Blue






Tea Tree

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“Huge difference”

I have suffered from upset stomach and discomfort after having children. Christiane introduced me to essential oils that made a huge difference and I am feeling much better!

Maria Z.

“One of my favorite products!”

I’m so glad I connected with Detox with Oil by Christiane. I learned so much about healing with essential oil. I love her infused crystal roll-on. 

Lydia M.

“Very knowledgeable & helpful!”

Learned so much about essential oils and healthy living from Christiane! She is very knowledgeable and helpful!

Grace G.

“Amazing products”

“I always struggled with asthma and severe seasonal threats and I got used to taking an arsenal of prescription drugs. Wow! I no longer rely on my prescription medication and I am now an essential oil fan!”

Josh H.

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