Welcome to your Essential Oil Journey

I am excited that you are ready to start your essential oil journey!

I love the high-quality of dōTERRA’s essential oils, which are third-party-verified Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). In addition, dōTERRA offers a wide variety of essential oil products for uses such as beauty, cleaning and medicinal. 

There are three different ways to purchase dōTERRA products:

1) Retail, at a high-end spa or doctor’s office;

2) Wholesale, where the annual membership of $35 provides you with a 25% discount on all dōTERRA products (à la carte option in step 1);

3) Enrollment kits. The purchase of one of these convenient bundles waives the $35 annual enrollment fee and is the smartest way to purchase dōTERRA products. Start with Step 1 to choose any of the kits. 

Step 1: Choose a kit

or select the customized option

Step 2: Become a member

  • Go to my.doterra.com/detoxwithoil
  • Select your region/ language
  • Select “Become a Member”
  • Pick your starter kit and add any additional products
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Create your dōTERRA account
  • Select “Wholesale Member”
  • Make sure you have Christiane Schroeter as your Wellness Advocate (ID# 5944787)
  • Review your order
  • Enter your payment info
  • Click “Process”….done!

Step 3: Connect with me

There are so many benefits of becoming a dōTERRA member on my team!

  • Wholesale pricing, which is 25% off retail price
  • VIP facebook group
    • In this great social community setting, you will find live education and resources. You will be able to ask questions and learn exactly how to use your essential oils
  • FREE dōTERRA product of the month that with your monthly loyalty rewards program (LRP) order above 125 Point Value (PV)
  • Special monthly promotions!

After you have completed your membership, I will send you an email with access to member-only resources and information, PLUS your special welcome gift!

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

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