Good Riddance Rituals

Good Riddance Rituals

Have you ever closed off the old year with a RITUAL?

Research shows that RITUALS can help provide mental closure to our experiences. By setting aside a time for closure, you are creating a breakpoint and signal that allows you to MOVE ON, past certain memories.

Unlike a habit, rituals have SYMBOLIC meaning and purpose, especially at certain times of the year.

Let’s think about closing off the old YEAR:

  • Write a letter about 2020, read it and then burn it in your fireplace- very dramatic, I know!
  • Write down memories you want out of your life, shred them & dispose
  • Take a bath, add healing salts & crystals, focus on letting the bath water absorb the negative energy.

No matter what ritual you choose, focus on leaving a BLANK SLATE. STARTING FRESH & NEW.STRONG.FOCUSING on the present.ONE STEP AT A TIME.GOOD riddance to old memories- WELCOME to new ones.

YOU can do it.

Create a mental break.

What is your good riddance ritual?