Summer Mocktails

Alcohol-free mixed drinks, also called Virgin cocktails or Mocktails, are a great alternative to their alcoholic counterparts. A typical cocktail contains liquor, while the mocktail is made with similar ingredients without the alcohol.

Instead of alcohol, mocktails contain juice, soda, infused water or other alcohol-free ingredients. When mixed in just the right ratios, you get a sophisticated drink that is perfect for a special occasion such as a summer party or outdoor gathering.

What are the Health Benefits of Alcohol-free Mixed Drinks?

Going to a party can challenge us to stay on top of our health & wellness goals.  Traditional cocktails are high in calories & carbs given their alcohol content.

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of options of alcohol-free mixed drinks that make it easy to celebrate without sacrificing flavor or fun.

Frequently, the ingredients used in mocktails mimic the flavors that are found in their alcoholic counterparts, such as lime, lemon, mango, and cherry.

Use sugar-free soft drinks and fresh fruit, as they taste better and keep your wellness goals on track. Herbs create a fabulous garnish that look and taste great, plus they may even pick up notes of the accompanying foods or snacks.



Fewer Calories & Carbs

Alcohol contains “empty” calories, as they do not help the body meet its nutritional needs. Alcohol-free mixed drinks tend to be lower in calories and carbs.


Easier to Digest

Brewed alcoholic drinks, like beer, tequila, and rum cause sugar imbalances in the body and lead to bloating. Mocktails are easier to digest, especially when made with all-natural ingredients!


Enjoy Mocktails Anytime

Because Mocktails are free of any alcohol, they are the perfect mixed drink for an outdoor mid-day summer party or brunch.

Ten Tips to create a Low-Carb Mocktail

Fresh Local Fruit creates bright Summer Mocktails

1. Fresh or frozen fruit is best. Look for fruit that is in season, as it will be less expensive and likely from a local source, which means it is more sustainable.

2. Alternatively, fresh citrus such as lime, lemon or orange may be available year-round.

Frozen Fruit adds Creaminess to Mixed Drinks

3. Frozen fruit is a great alternative to fresh fruit because you can easily store it in your freezer. When shopping, look for frozen fruit without any additives.

4. As an added low-carb bonus, the icy consistency of frozen fruit will create a smooth texture for your mocktail, without the calories that a creamy base would have.

Go for a Probiotic Mocktail

5. Go for probiotics! Kombucha is a sparkling fermented green tea and it is the perfect base for a mixed drink such as a mocktail!

6. Another probiotic option is to use coconut water kefir. The good news is that probiotics support the immune system and aid with digestion, which means these mocktails are exponentially better alternatives to sugary sodas or cocktails!

Look for All-Natural and Sugar-Free

7. Look for sugar-free options rather than high-carb soft drinks. Sugar-free all-natural versions are naturally sweeetened with stevia, monkfruit or even unsweetenend.

8. Another option is to use infused sparkling water, which brings out a burst of natural flavor without any artificial additives.

Use Gorgeous Stemware & Mugs

9. It is all about the presentation! Tall slim glasses make your drink appear more elegant than short squatty glasses. In addition, tall slender glasses may look like you get more, even though the quantity would be the same in the short tumbler. Save some calories & choose a tall slim glass!

10. If you like to pair the mixed drink with its perfect drinking vessel- the Moscow Mule has its own mug: The Copper Mug gives this drink a gorgeous glow, in addition to keeping the cocktail perfectly cold.

Low-Carb Moscow Mule Mocktail

Even without the mule mugs, the Moscow Mule is an easy Mocktail, and it will be delightful at any party! It tastes delicious AND it is festive. This recipe adds some delicious mango, while keeping the freshness of the lime, and the tang of the ginger beer.

Moscow Mule Mocktail




5 Min




  • 4-5 slices of Cucumber
  • 3 tsps honey stirred with 3 tsps of water
  • 1.5 oz Mango puree
  • 1.5 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1.5 oz ginger beer
  • Ice


Step 1

Mix cucumber, honey, and water in the bottom of a cocktail shaker.

Step 2

Add the mango puree, lime juice & shake with ice vigorously.

Step 3

Strain into a copper mug or other a glass.

Step 4

Top with ginger beer and stir.