At certain times during the year, it seems hard to overcome body insecurity. These times may happen after the holidays, when things swing back to regular schedules of work and school.

All of the sudden, the whirl of the holidays is over. You may look in the mirror and become really critical about yourself.

And you start to focus on THOSE body parts you are not so fond of…

That is when the feelings of insecurity come in! Mirrors are such a tricky thing, just like scales.

The Joy of Working Out

Christiane Body Pump

When I did my certification to become a Body Pump Instructor, the coach told us that the studio at the company headquarter does not even have mirrors on the wall.

WHY? So you can just focus on yourself and how amazing it FEELS to work out.

How can we Overcome Body Insecurity?

Let’s start by saying thanks to our bodies for all the HARD work!

Here is my gratitude list to my body:

Thanks to my

A first Step towards Self Love

Overcoming body insecurity with gratitude takes practice. Yet, it is a first step towards self-love.

Every time you start to feel insecure about your body, remember that it does so much for you!