Grapefruit & Sodalite


This roller bottle contains Sodalite crystals and Grapefruit essential oil. This combination provides an instant energy boost and clears skin impurities.

The Sodalite roller bottle is infused with Grapefruit essential oil. Known for its energizing and invigorating aroma, Grapefruit oil uplifts your mood. In addition, this essential oil has amazing purifying properties.

Uses: Grapefruit promotes the appearance of clear, healthy looking skin. Roll it on your temples, wrists, or any area with skin impurities.

Sodalite stands for logic, truth, and inner peace. It promotes a calming effect and feelings of positivity. This crystal provides strength and an energy boost! Overall, Sodalite is a great addition to your life for an easy flow between your body, mind, and soul.