Three Fun Facts about Me

Three Fun Facts about Me

What are THREE fun facts about me?

1️⃣  I met my husband in a bar. No way! Yep. I told you- FUN facts. It is true!

2️⃣ I like to give names to my favorite things. My bike is named Gerda. I feel it is more personal, and why not?

3️⃣ I love my three jobs. And they all go together, like a happy smoothie.

First, and foremost: I am full-time professor, teaching food marketing and entrepreneurship. I LOVE IT.

I also work as a fitness instructor, teaching Body Pump, Spin, Abs, Barre, and TRX (Total Body Resistance Training).

My own small business, Detox with Oil, focuses on finding simple & sustainable wellness solutions for your busy life.

✨Skin wellness,

✨ toning your body, and

✨ finding easy meal solutions. 

My kids and I have a blast at our IG live sales every Saturday at 10 AM Pacific. We would love to connect with YOU!