Write a Card

Write a Card

How can I reach out and touch YOU? Maybe not by travel or physical contact…

I could write you a CARD. And let the words, design, and gesture reach YOU.

This year, holiday cards matter MORE than ever.

We may not be able to SEE each other in person. Yet, we can READ each others’ handwritten words, drawings, or photos and touch each other emotionally. It is such a SMALL act of kindness. And it makes a BIG difference.

Let’s do it! Imagine the other person receiving, opening, and reading YOUR card!

We love this ritual, and hang up our holiday cards so that everybody who wrote is with us – in our kitchen! WELCOME to our house!
PLUS, my kids sell their handmade cards. Their little greeting card business aims to spread joy to YOU.

We have been selling their cards at our IG live sales. The girls have a blast sending their handmade goods across the world to make somebody’s day!
Get one of their beautiful creations and check out our other heartwarming goodies!