You only fail when you stop trying.

You only fail when you stop trying.

It is sometimes so difficult to find motivation. To get up and TRY AGAIN.

We have all been there. Some things just do not work out. AND that can be so aggravating.

In my profession, I have heard this sentence so many times…
✨I can’t lose weight.

✨I don’t know how to cook.

✨I can’t find any exercise that brings me joy.

The REAL success happens when you try AGAIN. Yes, as HARD it might seem at the moment of failure. And as illogical as it may sound! FAILURE happens if you STOP trying. One of my biggest fears is wasted potential. The thought of “what if I WOULD HAVE TRIED AGAIN?”

So, how do we find motivation to keep going? I love to learn from people who persevered through much harder conditions. People who kept going.

ONE STEP at a time.

The true fighters who walked on and tried AGAIN to see that their initial failure what an aberration.

Keep trying.

Spreading love.


And perseverance.